Well we struggled again on the last day, mainly on the downwinds .

We had a 17th, 25th and a 6th .

Believe it or not we were leading the the 2nd race when we ended up last . really quite painful seeing boats sail around us .

The last race we over took 6 boats on the first downwind which was a big surprise and i don't mind saying i was quietly celebrating.

It was safe to say Chris and I were both very disappointed with the result 15th overall and has come as quite a shock .

Any way the overall conclusion from the regatta evaluation is we have not been sailing our best probably because we have done a bit too much and are trying far too hard to make things happen.

We also believe the conditions we have been sailing in have not been suited to our set up .

However it has been a massive wake up call for us and we now have a good idea of how to address these weak areas .

We have a plan in place and will be working hard this month taking advantage of our recent learnings , so we will be totally prepared for the next regatta SFG in Weymouth in June. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to updating you with some of our training this month. Cheers Peter and Chris

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