Today sees the start of the long awaited Sail for Gold regatta. There are a tonne of entries in all the Olympic sailing disciplines. I don't know exactly how many 49ers there are but they certainly take up plenty of space in the boat park.

We put the boat away to rest last week, we'd had a really good three weeks of training and we we're really pleased with the new boat so it was really nice to go and relax for a while and spend some time at home with the sprogs and our amazing wifes.

We came back on Friday to a very busy boat park, full of lot's of very serious looking competitors. We've done two days of sailing to just freshen up. 'Bingo' our battle ship is in good shape and the team are feeling great.

We're really looking forward to going and having a really enjoyable event in our favorite venue in the World backed by lot's of great support. Thank you so much all the people that have sent us their best wishes, we are really grateful.

All the best Chris and Peter

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