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Two-time World Champion Chris Draper is campaigning for Olympic selection in the 49er Skiff boat class with his sailing partner Peter Greenhalgh. Draper, 33, of Corfe Mullen, Dorset, came third at the Athen’s Olympics with his former sailing partner Simon Hiscocks of Portland, but they narrowly missed out on British selection for last summer’s Beijing Games. Now Draper has ‘regained his mojo for the sport' to launch a fresh campaign with Greenhalgh, 33, one of the British pioneers in the 49er when it was first introduced as an Olympic class. The 49er is one of the most exhilarating of all of the Olympic Classes, providing exciting racing over short courses. With a huge sail area - consisting of mainsail, jib and asymmetric spinnaker, twin trapezes and an ultra light hull it can reach up to 30 knots in speed. The boat requires the crew to have a high level of agility and athleticism as they must make rapid, and often acrobatic, movements The duo aim to combine their expertise and experience ahead of the home Games. Follow their progress here.

Posted at 9:44am Saturday 9th July 2011

A change of tack

Hello all, I hope this finds everyone well and in good form.

Posted at 9:48am Monday 6th June 2011

Raring to go

Today sees the start of the long awaited Sail for Gold regatta. There are a tonne of entries in all the Olympic sailing disciplines. I don't know exactly how many 49ers there are but they certainly take up plenty of space in the boat park.

Posted at 11:05am Monday 2nd May 2011

From first to last

Well we struggled again on the last day, mainly on the downwinds .

Posted at 6:20pm Thursday 28th April 2011

Feeling happier

We had more light winds today with a 25 boat gold fleet.

Posted at 6:19pm Thursday 28th April 2011

Testing times

It's safe to say we are not sailing at our best.

Posted at 12:29pm Tuesday 26th April 2011

Challenging conditions

Well! Big waves and moderate winds made for some very difficult sailing.

Posted at 12:27pm Tuesday 26th April 2011

Testing the water

Hello one and all from a very wet and windy Southern France.

Posted at 11:17pm Tuesday 5th April 2011

Tough at the top

To describe today in one word you would simply say, Hard. We had really good starts, generally what we thought was a pretty good plan and great boat speed but each race threw something random at us that we were generally on the wrong side of.

Posted at 4:13pm Tuesday 5th April 2011

Princess Sophia Trophy race day 1

The day started bright and very breezy, it looked like great sailing conditions but as soon as the 470 sailors pulled up their sails on the beach you could tell it was howling. Sadly this meant the postponement flag was raised to hold us ashore and a five hour wait ensued.

Posted at 8:47am Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Final preparations

We have been training out in Palma, Mallorca. This is our final preparation before the Princess Sophia regatta, the first event of this years Olympic 49er Sailing season, part of the build up to the London 2012 Olympic sailing event.

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