We’re delighted to announce that today we’ve been named as some of the first British athletes to be officially selected to compete for Team GB at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

At a live press conference in London 11 sailors have been confirmed as the first athletes selected for Team GB in 2012.

Annie, Kate and I are incredibly proud to stand alongside reigning Olympic Champions Ben Ainslie (Finn), Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson (Star) and Paul Goodison (Laser), and joining Nick Dempsey (RSX Men), Bryony Shaw (RSX Women), and Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark (470 Women) to be part of what is such a strong team.

Kate and I are also apparently going to be the first two sailing sisters ever to compete for Great Britain at the Olympics!

The announcement of our selection is an exciting and important step on the road to 2012. After many years of hard work the realisation that our life-long dream of representing the country at the Olympic Games is going to happen is still sinking in.

However it also focusses the mind on the task ahead, there’s a lot of work still to do — our goal has always been not just to go to the games, but to go and win a medal!

Read the full press release on the Skandia Team GBR website and more info about the selections on the Team Volvo for Life blog and the Match Race Girls Facebook page.

Lucy, Annie and Kate x

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