The time has come, today is the start of the 2011 World Championships here in Perth and we're ready to try and defend our title!

The Match Racing kicks the event off today then other classes start on Monday with the others following on next week.

In true Match Racing style we take both weeks to complete our regatta!

The fleet of 29 boats is split into two groups for this event so there will be two round robins before qualification for the quarters begin.

For this event I'm pleased to say we are in group B which means today Annie, Kate and I will have the opportunity to watch some of the racing and get a feel for the race officials, boats and race course.

Because we are in the main port for our racing we haven't been allowed to race in the area yet, instead we have had to train up the river from The Royal Freshwater Yacht Club.

Rather than send boats out here to train in we decided to charter the dutch boats and we had a really good week of training with a practice regatta in the middle which we won, yey! Prizes were awarded by the USA team and were boomerangs!

We managed one day off in the middle of it all and paid a quick visit to Penguin Island which I LOVED, also got in a spot of shopping of course!

Generally its quite windy out here but the forecast is looking a little lighter over the next few days in true 'It's not normally like this' fashion. We will keep you posted though with results and stories along the way.

Lucy x

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