I’ve been back from Hyeres for three days. I’ve been sailing with my brother in our Merlin dinghy which was exciting if not a little hap hazard.

Hyeres was a lot of fun and being one of only two Brits to medal in Palma and Hyeres was great and to help Britain become top sailing nation in the World Cup 2011 which ends at Kieler Woche in June.

It was strange being away for the Royal Wedding and all the hype that surrounded it. It was nice to see all the parties going on, it is almost a different world when you are away and you forget what is going on in the real world.

Especially the new Compare the Market advert which I love.

Sail for Gold is getting close now and seeing a lot of the foreign teams dropping their boats off in Weymouth and Weymouth sailing club getting ready for the arrival of the French team it is getting scarily close.

I have Delta Lloyd regatta at the end of the month but Sail For Gold is going to be the exciting one. Hyeres was a very consistent regatta for me with only a few mistakes so I’m really looking forward to working hard this month in Portland harbour preparing for June.

The next two weeks is when I start preparing my sails and my boat for Sail For Gold making sure everything that is in my control is perfect.

Although the next few days is the annoying task of taking my B and E trailer test which needs to be done so I can get to Delta Lloyd and our Worlds in Norway in August. Hopefully I will be able to drive properly and haven’t picked up too many bad habits.

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