With only a few weeks till sail For Gold preparations are well under way. I’m doing Frensham 2.4 open meeting this weekend.

I’ve won 2 out of 2 races so far so it is looking good to retain my title.

Frensham Pond is a small pond not much bigger than Portland Marina near Farnham in Surrey.

Although it is not very big it is one of the hardest places to sail on the circuit because of the big shifting winds.

I have had an interesting week sailing and swimming my Merlin dinghy on Monday but having lots of fun doing it. I then had a good race in the Tasar dinghy on Wednesday from Castle Cove.

On Tuesday night I had a good giggle as some of the guys from Weymouth SC and Castle Cove SC came 2.4 sailing.

The guys at both sailing clubs have been great to me and giving me sails in their boats so it is great to give them a sail in my boat.

I’m looking forward to going to Medemblik for Delta Lloyd regatta on Sunday night as it should be some good racing.

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