WEYMOUTH Sailing Club members are becoming increasingly frustrated with the current weather – for the fourth week in a row racing was cancelled due to winds over 50 knots.

Squib class captain Simon Vines pointed out that the club had cancelled four races in 2007 and 2003 but that had been over the course of a year.

Weather for the next few days indicate that Sunday’s racing schedule will go ahead with light winds and sunshine in the offing.

There will be a few sore heads out on the water, as the previous evening the club holds its annual Christmas party at the club.

Next year’s racing programme is being finalised at the club and new for the up and coming season will be IRC handicap racing on Thursday evenings and for weekend trophy races, along with a non-spinnaker class on Saturday.

Mike Fenwick, WSC sailing secretary, explained there has been a growing interest in racing under the IRC handicap system and following a proposal at the recent cruiser class annual meeting, this was passed to the sailing committee for adoption.

The idea of the open non-spinnaker class is to encourage local sailors out onto the water and get them to participate in ‘relaxed’ racing to give them the confidence to competitively sail in the Olympic waters of Weymouth Bay.