FIVE pupils from Leweston School will represent Great Britain at the Biathle World Tour in Germany later this week.

Daisy Liddle (Year 11), Olivia Manson (Year 10), Portia Manson, Poppy Boyden (both Year 8) and Elektra Covell (Year 6) have performed superbly to be selected for the event.

Liddle and Olivia Manson will compete in the 16-and-under category, with Portia Manson and Boyden participating in the 14-and-under division.

Covell will race in the 12-and-under group.

The event will be held in Erding on Saturday and consist of a run followed by an open water swim and then another run, all of varying lengths depending on the division entered.

A school spokesman said: “Leweston is delighted that so many pupils have been selected for the team.

“It is a true testament to the strength of the sports depart-ment’s ‘athlon’ programme, which has helped Leweston become the top school in the region for aspiring biathle champions.”