DORCHESTER Town’s search for a new chairman has begun after Neal Butter-worth announced he is to step down from the role before the 2014/15 season kicks off.

Butterworth will remain on the club’s board of directors but feels the time is right to hand over the job of chairman to someone who has the ability to attract “fairly significant” investment.

Matt Lucas, the Magpies’ current director of football, is set to be Butterworth’s temporary replacement while the club make arrangements to install a new chairman.

Although he believes the club is continuing to move forward, Butterworth reckons a change is needed now.

“I consider that the club has come a long way over the last year,” he said.

“The club has been supported by a number of extremely hard working individuals, mostly volunteers, form the club board to the fundraising committee, the Supporters’ Club and many more.

Dorchester Town Youth FC have provided solid support throughout, strengthening an already excellent relationship.

“And I’ve been really pleased to see supporters continue to turn out in their numbers throughout what was a very difficult season for all.

“I’m also hugely excited about the coming season – Phil (Simkin) has put together an excellent squad and I can’t wait to see them perform in the league.

“But sadly, for all of this work, it just isn’t quite enough to sustain the club as it stands.

“I believe that we have to maintain a team at least in the league we are currently in, ideally higher.

“But this needs money, and the money currently coming in simply isn’t sufficient to support this.

“We’re calling on supporters of the club to step up to the plate and help raise funds, or even, if they are able to, directly contribute.

“In this context, I feel that I need to pass the role of chairman over to someone who has the huge amount of time required to invest in the club, the support of the business community, and the ability to bring some fairly significant money in.”

Butterworth reiterated his wish for Dorchester to become a community-owned club, and again called on anyone who is prepared to help out at the Avenue to come forward.

He added: “I hope to remain involved in the club.

“We’ve developed a great team, but I have to recognise when it’s time to move aside in this key role.

“I’ve never been so optimistic about the future of the club, but the challenge on our hands in the short term is huge and we need as many people as possible to get involved and help.”

Butterworth has given his full backing to Lucas and is eager for fans to do the same.