JAMIE Gleeson believes the Magpies’ pre-season hidings will become a distant memory if the side can make a positive start to their league campaign.

Dorchester’s long-serving midfielder says he isn’t worried about the drubbings by Bournemouth and Yeovil, even if they were “a little embarrassing”.

The Magpies conceded a total of 20 goals in the two friendlies against the full-time outfits – not the ideal preparation going into the new term.

But Gleeson is confident that the Dorchester squad has enough ability in it to do the business when the Southern Premier League kicks-off this Saturday.

“It has been disappointing and a little bit embarrassing, but I’m not worried about what has happened,” he said.

“No-one wants to be beaten by that much and it would be hard to take at any level, but we’ve got some good characters and I’m sure the boys will be alright.

“We’ve got too much ability in the changing room to worry that much.

“Playing against really good players in pre-season has been hard, but it will be a different story on Saturday.

“If we do well in our first few games everyone will forget pre-season.

“Let’s see what happens on Saturday and go from there.”

He continued: “There have been some positive performances as well.

“Oakley Hanger has been brilliant since coming in and Will Agbo is a very good footballer.”

Dorchester responded well to the 11-0 thumping by Bournemouth, and it will be again be interesting to see how they react to the 9-0 thrashing by Yeovil when they go to Arlsesey Town on Saturday.

“Pre-season can be like that,” added Gleeson. “If you’re playing against good sides and they get their tails up then it can happen.

“Come Saturday we are not going to be playing full-timers like Yeovil and Bournemouth.”

Gleeson also gave his full support to the Magpies’ management who haven’t had an easy ride during the summer.

He said: “I wouldn’t change them for the world. I like Phil and Stuart and they work well together.

“With Phil, Stuart, and the other people at the club, I don’t think we need to worry.

“Bring on Saturday!”

*Dorchester Town Supporters’ Club secretary Harold Gill has called on members to increase their efforts to help secure the welfare of the Magpies.

Speaking at the fans’ organisation’s AGM, Gill thanked officers, committee members and members for their hard work throughout the last year but said more needed to be done to safeguard the club’s future.

Meanwhile, Carolyn Barrett is the supporters’ club’s new assistant honorary treasurer, while Malcolm Davenport did not seek re-election as a committee member.

All of the other committee members and officers were re-elected.