WARREN Byerley has told the Terras he is seriously considering following George Rolls to Kettering Town.

The former Weymouth chief, who is currently the acting chairman at the Poppies, has offered the prolific striker £600-a-week plus a hefty goal bonus to join him at Nene Park but the potential move continues to hang in the balance.

Rolls claims Byerley shook hands on a deal on Thursday but according to Brendon King, the 27- year-old is still undecided.

The Terras’ boss told Echosport: “Warren is still thinking it all over.

“He doesn’t want to lie to me and it is clear the lure of full-time football, the money and everything about it has turned his head a bit.

“I have told him I want to keep him at Weymouth and I have also told him he has got to be sensible. However, at the end of the day he has got to do what is right for himself.”

King went on to add: “I understand the lure of it all but the current situation certainly doesn’t help us.

“I want him to stay and carry on scoring goals for our football club but he wants to sit on it and we are just going to have to wait and see what happens.”

Byerley has already agreed terms on a new contract with the Terras and was set to put pen to paper following a recent private knee operation which the club helped pay for.

King said: “Warren is not using Kettering as a bargaining tool to get more money out of us, far from it. He was happy with the offer we made him and that is still on the table.

“He knows we cannot compete financially with what Kettering are offering him but hopefully he will see sense in time and realise what he already has here.”