Replacing the Mistral, the NeilPryde RS:X was the new windsurfing equipment used at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

A strict one-design class sailed by both men and women, the RS:X is the only boat that will bring the sailor into direct contact with the air and sea.

The board, shaped by Jean Bouldoires, is a true crossover board in that it makes the best compromise between traditional raceboard sailing and exciting “Formula” racing.

The RS:X sail performs exceptionally well in both planing and non-planing conditions and has been designed for easy handling.


Length: 2.86m

Breadth: 0.93m

Sail(men): 9.5msq Sail (women): 8.5msq

Type: Sailboard

Crew: 1

Designer: Neil Pryde Ltd

Year: 2004

Beijing 2008 Olympic Results


Gold: Jian Yin - China

Silver: Alessandra Sensini - Italy

Bronze: Bryony Shaw - Great Britain


Gold: Tom Ashley - New Zealand

Silver: Julien Bontemps - France

Bronze: Shahar Zubari – Israel

Athens 2004 Olympic Results (Mistral Class)


Gold: Faustine Merret - France

Silver: Yin Jian - China

Bronze: Alessandra Sensini - Italy


Gold: Gal Fridman - Israel

Silver: Nikolaos Kaklamanakis - Greece

Bronze: Nick Dempsey – Great Britain