Name: Alain Sign

Date of birth: February 3 1986

Star sign: Aquarius

Current hometown: Lee-on-Solent

Nickname: Signpost

First boat sailed and where? Probably when I was about 10 years old and my dad took me to a little boat lake in Eastleigh

Your best moment in sailing? Probably the 2012 World Championships out in the Bahamas where we managed to finish fifth overall and the top British boat

Your worst moment in sailing? At the same event, we didn’t go for the gold, we were a bit protective and looking back we should have gone for it

Best sailing venue in the World? Lake Garda

How did you progress from a club sailor to an Olympic class sailor? I got spotted when I was Topper sailing, I went to the transitional squad and then moved up through there. I then went to 29ers, I wasn’t quite big enough to move intothe 49ers so I spent a year in the 470s and when I got big enough I moved into the 49er class where I still am!

Any advice to future sailors? Go out there, have fun, if you’re not having fun then there isn’t much point carrying on. But always have fun and do your best.

What are your greatest passions outside of sailing? Any watersports really, kitesurfing, windsurfing, a bit of fitness, rock climbing and Cycling

Any heroes? Lance Armstrong, coming back from his illness and just his passion to get back on the bike and his passion to win. I read his book and that really motivated me.

What other sports do you play? Cycling, kitesurfing

What would you love to do but never have the time or money for it? Hmm, good question. I’m very lucky really, sailing gives me everything, great lifestyle, you get to see the world and do something you love.

Worst habit? Leaving the toilet seat up, my girlfriend gets very annoyed!

Do you have any lucky charms or rituals? I always put my left sock on first for some reason.

Favourite reality show and would you go it? Don’t really have one, sometimes Big Brother but I definitely wouldn’t go on it, I like my own space!

Name three things that are always in your shopping trolley? Chocolate, cookies, bread.

Can you describe yourself in three words? Shy, friendly, helpful

Most played song on your ipod? Lady Gaga, Pokerface