07:05 - Portland Bill


Annamaria Fleck, aged 27, of Budapest (parents were homeless and sent Annamaria to an orphanage. Her biggest goal was to support her sister and live together with her. She won the Hungarian Hip-Hop Dance Competition in 2007 and founded a dance school, which now has hundreds of students. Many of them are underprivileged, therefore she teaches them free of charge and provides them dancing shoes for free)

David Darby, aged 74, of Portland (an active member of Portland Vic Bowls Club, Royal Manor of Portland Athletics Club, and Friends of Victoria Gardens which all nominated him, a former footballer for Bridport FC, now has an aviary that houses injured birds, he litter picks weekly on the island. Although a non-driver he visits the sick and elderly getting their shopping. Known universally to the youth of the Island of Portland as Darbs he is a friend mentor and inspiration to all)

Tom Mules, aged 16, of Weymouth (rising sports star who is a member of of Tornadoes of South Dorset and Dorset Pentathletes and currently National Biathle Champion he volunteers and helps children and has been selected as an Adistar Young Ambassador for the 2012 Olympics and helps to promote the 2012 Olympics and the Olympic Values through Wey Valley Sports College)

07:31 - Southwell


Chris Shore, aged 61, of Littlehampton (for 40 years Chris has contributed greatly for the young and elderly in his local community by fundraising to support local projects)

07:42 - Weston


Barnabas Hardi, aged 14, of Siófok (Beside saving the life of a mother and her daughter in a river, he is a successful sportsman: he got the bronze medal of the Hungarian Championship in boxing)

Kirsty Frampton, aged 18, of Portland (Kirsty lost her mother to cancer 8 years ago, and her grandfather 3 years ago. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she has worked tirelessly to support others facing terminal cancer, including working alongside the Joseph Weld Hospice to develop art and photography as a means to help people deal with their forthcoming death. She then organised and ran a highly successful formal exhibition of terminal patients' art and photography work, attended by over 150 people, it raised over £620 for the Hospice. Following this success, Kirsty plans to make this an ongoing initiative with an annual exhibition)

Louise Makin, aged 47, of Gloucester (keen fundraiser and charity cake maker known as Queen of the Cup Cake)

07:52 - Easton


Allie Binnie-Martins, aged 17, of Bournemouth (nominated by her grandmother for being an inspirational young person, caring for her mother who is vulnerable and comforting her grandfather who has cancer)

Ysabel Hogg, aged 17, of Gillingham (nominated by her father “to prove to her that she is special, and that extra special things do happen to her”)

CONVOY: Easton - Portland

08:03-08:23 - Fortuneswell


Chantel Cockle, aged 39, of Gloucester (a running coach nominated for her contribution to charity and the local community this year)

John Dickinson, aged 68, of Bournemouth (volunteer who works with young people and offenders as an avid member of Bournemouth Amatuer Boxing Club for 50 years in September 2011)

CONVOY: Fortuneswell - Weymouth

Portland torchbearer

Vickie Mattock, aged 39, of Gloucester (team leader for a group that fundraises for Acorns Children's Hospice)

08:29-09:38 Weymouth


Andrea Snow, aged 44, of Budapest (founded the Seedling Trust Foundation in 2009. This organisation helps kids who are in orphanage operated by the government and tries to encourage society to help disadvantaged children and charity marathon runner)

Andrew Clark, aged 44, of Horsham (volunteer community first responder (CFR) and also a St. John Ambulance member, who last year attended 156 calls ranging from falls to stokes, chest pains, fitting, difficulty breathing and cardiac arrests, and was on call for a total of 600 hours. Has raised £8,000 for new equipment for his responder team. In 2010 he did 413 hours of voluntary hours with St John's).

Connie Coles, aged 47, of Bristol (For seven years now Connie has single handed been advertising, organising and collecting Operation Christmas Child boxes run by the charity Samaritan's Purse, from colleagues across a number of Lloyds Banking Group head office sites and some branches too)

Dave Hamilton, aged 33, of Bournemouth (has dedicated his life to community work)

Dorothy Fox, aged 54, of Bournemouth (Dr Fox is chairperson of the volunteer Bournemouth Lifeguard Corps who patrol the beach,for the safety of all each summer and works tirelessly on their behalf)

Harry Alford, aged 12, of Portland (nominated by his school - since Christmas when his cancer treatment ended, Harry has thrown himself into school life, never made any excuses even though the cancer has caused his hair to fall out and have his scapula removed. He is an inspiration to his peers and to the staff in the school and I would like to see his strength of character in the face of such adversity is rewarded)

Harry Evans, aged 19, of Bournemouth (nominated by his parents for volunteer work as a beach lifeguard in Bournemouth and for successfully resuscitating a member of the public who had collapsed in front of him in the town centre using CPR aged 16)

Keith Simmons, aged 68, of Bournemouth (a successful business man, while coping with the day-to-day struggles of being deaf, who has also worked on renovating the Bournemouth Deaf Centre and caring for others)

Maria Lochrie, aged 19, of Weymouth (volunteers to take children with disabilities sailing and on other water sport activities. Works as a lifeguard and is friendly to all)

Mira Kiss, aged 36, of Budapest (Keen volunteer who was paralysed due to a disease in 2008 and housebound for 4 months. She used to run before the disease and started to practice again step by step. Since then she has run 3 times the marathon.)

CONVOY: Weymouth - Preston

10:00-10:18 - Preston


Ranil Jayawardena, aged 25, of Bramley, Hampshire Edina Toman, aged 30, of Ipolydamasd Jacques Bernard, aged 20, of Bournemouth Lynne Connor, aged 47, of Dorchester Michelle Quaid, aged 23, of Northchapel

CONVOY: Preston - Osmington

10:20-10:28 - Osmington


Ann Daniel, aged 65, of Bournemouth and Carmel Ryan, aged 44, of Southborne

CONVOY: Osmington - Winfrith Newburgh

10:38-10:42 - Winfrith Newburgh


Colin Fry, aged 70, of Ferndown, Lisa Devine, aged 15, of Ringwood

CONVOY: Winfrith Newburgh - Wool

11:42-11:50 - Wool


Liam Dowden, aged 12, of Weymouth, Rowan Findler, aged 15, of Bere Regis

CONVOY: Wool - Corfe Castle

12:06 - Corfe Castle

CONVOY: Corfe Castle - Swanage

12:24 - Swanage

CONVOY: Swanage - Stoborough

14:21 - Stoborough

14:35 - Wareham

CONVOY: Wareham - Sandford

14:44 - Sandford

CONVOY: Sandford - Lytchett Minster

15:00 - Lytchett Minster

CONVOY: Lytchett Minster - Upton

15:07 - Upton

15:28 - Hamworthy

15:56 - Poole

16:56 - Ashley Cross

17:04 - Poole

17:24 - Branksome

17:45 - Wallisdown

17:50 - Poole

18:02 - Bournemouth