AN OLYMPIC enthusiast who plays a vital role in community sport for children will carry the torch through Portesham.

Tracy Moore, 40, from Stratton near Dorchester, said the Olympic Games had always played an inspirational role in her life.

The mother-of-two said: “I’m very, very honoured to have been chosen, I’ve always watched and admired the Olympics and I’m lucky enough to have gone to the last three games.

“I’m overwhelmed really – they’re a huge part of my life, even as a child I used to watch them on the television.

“Just having them in the country is very special and inspires an awful lot of people and children to take part and to volunteer. They’re inspirational for me on a lot of levels.”

Tracy is involved with a number of community sports activities for children in the area, including an athletics club in Weymouth, coaching netball at various schools, looking after Stratton’s tennis courts and helping a local toddler group.

She said: “It’s nice to see children enjoying sport and they should be doing that, whether they’re good at it or not.

“I’ve always introduced sport to children at the youngest level every year – in toddlers we hold a mini-Olympics and a football tournament in world cup years.

“I believe even for aged one upwards they should get involved.

“Children learn to be competitive through sports and hopefully that works in all other walks of life.

“I also coach the Thomas Hardye netball team and volunteer at Weymouth St Paul’s Harriers doing athletics.”

She added: “Portesham has really embraced the Games and I’m honoured to be going through a community that is supporting them so much.

“To have the Olympics in the county is one thing but to be part of it is another – I’m really proud.

“I’m going to watch the athletics, tennis and football this year – I was really lucky to get tickets.”