WEYMOUTH’S Olympic contender Nick Dempsey has revealed that the windsurfing board that he will be racing on for the London 2012 Games is named after the Queen.

Team GB’s ‘Dempo’ will be competing for Queen and country on the windsurf boat ‘Elizabeth’ on his home waters of Weymouth and Portland .

Prior to announcing the new name, Dempsey urged his Twitter and Facebook follows to put forward name suggestions, adding: “It’ll have to be a girl's name. I’m not going to ride a man!”

Action in the RS:X windsurfing events will begin on Tuesday July 31, with the medal race scheduled for Tuesday August 7.

Dempsey wrote on his Nick Dempsey Windsurfing Facebook page: “So, very exciting day getting my Games kit.

“Also very nervous about how good it would be. No need to worry though. She’s rapid! Very relieved.”

A spokesman for the British Sailing Team said the board was named after the Queen.

Dempsey’s picture prompted hundreds of messages from well wishers.

Tris Best, managing director of the Official Test Centre windsurfing school on Portland commented: “Looks good, will be easy to follow!! Good luck Nick.”

Fan Maisie Squibb said: “Ah, my nan is so happy you named your board after her!”

Jan Chadaj added: “Tried catching you in the harbour today to say good luck but you were in a different league! :) Good name choice.”

While Richard Hamilton wrote: “SMASH IT Dempo!”