Locals aren't coming...

  • Caroline and James Parsons, of the Nothe Tavern, pictured, said: “We are really quiet and it is not going as well as we thought.

“All our locals have stopped coming in because of all the hype about the traffic and road congestion. People aren’t even coming in from the Nothe site.”

l Paul Thompson, of Natural Inspirations, St Mary Street, said: “We are down on last year. I think people are avoiding Weymouth because they think it’s going to be really busy. But maybe it will pick up when the Olympics are over.”

l Jan Bennett, of Bennetts on the Waterfront fish and chip shop, said: “It has been dead, no one is coming in and it is just so quiet. People need to know that Weymouth is open and not congested.”

l David Hansford, of dg Vintage, said: “It is a disaster. I am going to complain to the council because no one is coming to the town because they think it is congested and it’s not.”

...on the other hand

  • John and Tina Stevenson, of The Nothe Cafe, said: “We have had really steady business. The weather has helped and we are right by the queue into the Nothe. It has been really good for us.”

Katherine Farnworth, of The Crows Nest in the Square in Hope Square, said: “It is going really well. We are benefiting from the Games so far.”