WEYMOUTH has two new Gold medal winners – in the Sausage Olympics .

Echo reporters Samantha Harman and Emma Walker went head to head in the sausage-off but both came out with first prize.

Samantha Harman takes us through what happened: Crowds gathered as we put on our aprons and limbered up for the challenge.

Dennis Spurr of the Fantastic Sausage Factory, who is hosting the competition, talked us through the process.

If your sausages look tasty, you get to take them home.

Having been making sausages for 50 years, Mr Spurr made it look like a walk in the park.

Emma went first and proved herself to be a natural, although unfortunately her sausages were deemed not fit for consumption.

It was my turn next and I was determined not to let the nerves get the better of me.

Personally, I think my sausages were a little more together but I did have the advantage of going second.

Nevertheless, Mr Spurr said we were both ‘excellent’ and we both won gold medals.

We went on our way, with one of their lovely hotdogs, feeling like the Ben Ainslie of sausages.