WEYMOUTH have now got into a grand habit of winning and the visit from Ivel Barbarians was no exception as the hosts demonstrated real pace and power.

Weymouth’s first encounter with Ivel was at the close of last season when both sides met on a Friday evening in Yeovil. The game was very different then with Ivel winning comfortably but times have now changed with the Monmouth Avenue outfit looking a lot stronger in all positions.

From the outset the home side mounted fast attacking moves with strikes from all of the backs.

In response, the much-bigger Ivel outfit attempted to use their extra power to bulldoze Weymouth but it was clear the hosts’ speed, agility and quickness training was paying dividends.

Only last-ditch defending by Ivel stopped their opponents from building an early lead but despite a slow start to the second half, Weymouth still ended up clear winners with their fast breaks resulting in several tries.

A club spokesman said: “That was probably our best attacking performance of the season.”