THE third annual Key Step Primary Schools Gymnastics Competition was held at Beaminster Community Hall.

Organised by Jan Thorne, who was helped by a band of volunteers, 11 teams competed on the day from five schools: Loders, Parrett and Axe, Salway Ash, St Mary’s Beaminster and Thorners.

They were divided into three Key Steps – Step One for Year One/Two; Step Two for Years Three/Four and Step Three for Years Five/Six.

Teams of six children were judged performing two vaults and a floor exercise set by English Schools Gymnastics at the event, which was held with the permission of Beaminster School.

The top four scores on the vault and floor were combined to give the overall team score.

The standard was high and showed that a lot of hard work had gone into practising before the day. Everyone worked hard throughout the day and had a thoroughly good time.

The three highest scores on the vault came from the same team, Salway Ash Year One/Two with Molly Frampton and George Holland scoring eight and 10 and Zara English just behind on eight.

There were several notable performances on the floor with Sirena Choules (Salway Ash, Years Three/Four) scoring 9.7, George Holland (Salway Ash, Years One/Two) 9.6, Ella Henson (Loders, Years Five/Six) 9.3, Maddy Herbert (Loders, Three/Four) 9.2 and Daisy Parsons (Loders, Three/Four) 9.0.

After the competition, the children were presented with their awards by the president of the Bridport Lions, Don Morley. To wind down, the children were treated to a display by three elite gymnasts, Imogen Slade, Jed Marsh and Ant Steventon.

Thorne said: “A special mention must go to Mr Donovan of Beaminster School who helped solve several problems during the day and contributed hugely to the smooth running of the event.

“And to the Bridport Lions Club, who once again sponsored all the awards.”

RESULTS Step One (Year 1/2): Parrett and Axe 57.65, St Mary’s Beaminster 60.25, Salway Ash 61.25, Thorners 52.65.

Winners: Salway Ash Step Two (Year 3/4): Salway Ash 63.50, Parrett and Axe 61.80, St Mary’s 62.10, Loders 62.90, Thorners 59.90.

Winners: Salway Ash.

Step Three (Year Five/Six): St Mary’s 55.95, Loders 65.05.

Winners: Loders.

Overall winners: Loders (Year Five/Six): 65.05.

Individual highest score: George Holland (Salway Ash, Years One/Two) 17.70.

Top individual score – Year Three/Four: Sirena Choules (Salway Ash); Year Five/Six: Ella Henson (Loders).