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Dorset County Council

Notice ID: MF0200553

Notice effective from
16th February 2017 to 18th March 2017

Dorset County Council
TheCounty of Dorset (Various Roadsinthe District of West Dorset)(ConsolidationofOrdersMadefor the Regulation of Traffic)Order 20l4,(AmendmentOrder No 1, 20l7)Trinity Street,Dorchester-Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting
Dorset County Councilhas made an Order underSections 1(1) and(2),2(l)to(3) and 3(2) of theRoadTrafficRegulation Actl984 and of theTrafficManagementAct 2004 andofPartlVofSchedule lofthe Actand of Regulation 21 of Part IVofTheLocal Authorities'TrafficOrders(Procedure) (Englandand Wales) Regulations 1996 andof allother enabling powers andafter consultation withthe ChiefOfficerofPolicein accordancewithstatutory requirementand in compliance withthe 1996 Regulations. When theOrder comesintooperation on 24 February20l7the effect will be to introducealoading bayinTrinity Street,Dorchester 43 metres southofNew Street. Acopyofthe Ordertogether withaplanshowing thelengthofroadaffected maybe inspected from Monday to Friday duringnormaloffice hours at:-Main Reception, Dorset CountyCouncil, CountyHall, Colliton Park,Dorchester and West Dorset District Council,South WalksHouse,South WalksRoad, Dorchester. Detailscan alsobefoundonthe DorsetCountyCouncil'swebsite
Fortechnicalqueriespleasecontact DeniseStubbs on 01305 221709 or e.mail
If youwish to question thevalidityofthe Order or anyprovisionscontainediniton thegrounds that it is not within thepowers conferred by theRoadTrafficRegulation Actl 984 oronthe grounds thatany requirementofthatAct or of anyl nstrument made under it hasnot beencompliedwithinrelationtothe Order youmay within sixweeks of thedateofthis Notice apply to theHighCourtfor thatpurpose. Dated:l6February20l7
MIKE HARRIES,Director forEnvironmentand theEconomy
TemporaryClosure of Public Linked Footpath, Bohays Drive, Wyke Regis
DORSET COUNTY COUNCIL has made an Orderunder Sectionl4[l] of the Road Traffic Regulation Actl984, as amended. Allpedestrianswillbeprohibited from proceeding alongPublic LinkedFootpath, Bohays Drive,Wyke Regis, between Bohays Drive andHighStreet, Wyke Regis, adistance of approximately 55 metres. Theorder is needed in ordertocomply withHealthand Safety Regulations,which requirethe provisionofsafeworking areasand to minimise thelikelihood of danger to HighwayUsers. It will come into operation on the14th February 2017. Theorder will remain in force for 6months andcan be,extended, withthe approvalofthe Secretary of Statefor Transport, if necessary. However, theseworks areanticipated to be complete by 26thFebruary2017. This closureisneededtoenableJDTUtilities safe access to relaygas mainsand services. If youwouldlikefurther information aboutthe workspleasecontact JDTUtilities on 0l258 440451, or theCountryside Ranger Serviceon0l425 483809. Dated:l6February20l7
MIKE HARRIES Director of Environment &Economy, CountyHall, Dorchester, Dorset, DTllXJ.
TemporaryClosure of Bowling AlleyWalks,Dorchester
DORSET COUNTY COUNCIL hasmadeanOrder under Sectionl4[l] of theRoad Traffic Regulations Actl984, as amended.All pedestrianswill be prohibited from proceedingalong Bowling AlleyWalks,Dorchester,adistanceofapproximately 70 metres. TheOrder is needed in order to comply withHealthand Safety Regulations, whichrequire theprovision of safe working areasand to minimisethe likelihood of danger to HighwayUsers.Itwillcome intooperation on the6March 20l7 to 26 March20l7for aperiod of 3weeks.But it will remain in forcefor l8 monthsand can be extended,withthe approvalofthe Secretary of Statefor Transport,ifnecessary. This orderisrequiredfor Healthand Safety reasons forsafeworking whilecarrying outthe junction improvements. On this occasionthere will be no alternativeroute.
Forfurther information concerningthis matter,pleasecallDorsetHighwayson
0l305 221020.
MIKE HARRIES Director forEnvironment andthe Economy, CountyHall, Dorchester,Dorset, DTllXJ
Anypersonwho uses or permitsthe useofthe footpath in contravention of the orderwill be liable on summaryconvictiontoafine notexceeding £l000.
TemporaryTrafficManagementOrder A356 Rampisham
DORSET COUNTY COUNCIL intend, not less than sevendaysfromthe date of this notice,tomakeanOrder underSection l4 [l] of theRoadTrafficRegulations Act l984,asamended.The order is needed in ordertocomply with Health andSafety Regulations,whichrequire theprovision of safe working areasand to minimisethe likelihoodofdangertoHighway Users. Theorder will come intoeffectat 00:00 on the23February20l7, until 3l March20l7at 23:59. But it will remain in forcefor l8 months andcan be extended,withthe approvalofthe Secretary of Statefor Transport, if necessary.
Theorder is necessarytoenableBritish Renewablessafeaccess to their
The effect of theorder is as follows;
[l] To imposea temporary 40mph speed limitupon A356 Rampisham from the junction with Kingcombe Lane to thejunction with Rampisham Hill.Ifyou would like furtherinformation aboutthe work being undertaken, please call British Renewables on 0l458 224900.For furtherinformation concerning this order please call Dorset Highways Traffic team on 0l305 22l020. Dated:l6February20l7.
MIKE HARRIES,Director forEnvironmentand theEconomy,CountyHall, Dorchester,Dorset, DTllXJ


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Dorset County Council

County Hall , Colliton Park , Dorchester , Dorset , DT1 1XJ 01305 251 000


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