Cineworld hopes to start showing films in all its cinemas in July, as Britain slowly comes out of lockdown.

Bosses said that its cinemas – which include the nine-screen multiplex at Weymouth’s New Bond Street – would open when restrictions are lifted.

In a statement to investors, it said: "Cineworld currently anticipates that government restrictions related to cinemas will be lifted in each of its territories by July. Subject to this and confirmation of the schedule for film releases, Cineworld anticipates the reopening of all of its cinemas in July.

"Cineworld has put in place procedures to ensure a safe and enjoyable cinema experience for its employees and customers."

It promised to be "the best place to watch a movie" even as social distancing measures are likely to hugely change the experience of going to the cinema.

In Berlin, one theatre has taken out many of its seats to ensure distance between members of the audience. Others have installed plastic screens between seats.

Bosses at the cinema chain said: "Cineworld is excited by the great movie line-up to follow the reopening of cinemas, starting with the highly anticipated new Chris Nolan movie Tenet and immediately after that with Mulan, a new Disney adventure movie.

"Cineworld, as always, greatly believes in the theatrical experience and is fully committed to be the best place to watch a movie."

Bosses also said they had managed to secure another 110million US dollars (£90m) through increasing the amount it is able to borrow from its banks.