A GRANDFATHER who gives more to charity than his family at Christmas says ‘the world would be a better place’ if everyone did the same.

When Christmas comes around Ian Brooke, 69, will not be buying many gifts for his loved ones, instead he will donate money to a number of worthy causes.

Ian, of Mead Road, Weymouth, said: “This Christmas, as in the past, I'll give a small, inexpensive gift to my wife and grandchildren and I’ve told all the family that I’ll be very displeased if any of them buy me anything.

“I’d much prefer they gave something to a charity, any charity.

“I believe that if everyone bought one less toy or one fewer packet of mince pies and gave that money to Save the Children or a similar charity, the world would be a slightly better place.”

Some of the charities Ian will be supporting this year are Shelterbox, Dogs Trust, Retired Greyhound Trust, Barnardo’s and Childline.

“My wife, Liz, thinks I’m a bit mad,” said the retired photographer.

“I do feel rather strongly that Christmas has become a time of greed rather than giving, so I try to redress the balance just a bit.”

Last year Ian donated £150 and this year he plans to spend £590 on Shelterbox and donate £150 to other charities.

The grandfather-of-two, who is a member of Melcombe Regis Rotary Club, said: “It was over the last few years that I began to think that people are almost bankrupting themselves to buy their kids presents and they get so many.”