Day by day, the Dorset Echo offers something for everyone, from the major news stories of the day to our What's On listings, recruitment pages and weekly Homes and Lettings platform. And now it’s even easier to have your favourite newspapers delivered to your door, wherever you are in the world!

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Home delivery

If you live in our circulation area you can have your paper home delivered. More details are available here.

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Postal subscriptions

If you live outside our circulation area you can still receive our newspapers through a postal subscription.

To subscribe to the Dorset Echo Click here or call 0845 1898250.

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Going on holiday

If you are going on holiday you can suspend your newspaper delivery using the form here.

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Missed delivery

Missed a delivery of your newspaper? let us know what was missed and we will arrange an appropriate credit for your account. Please use the form here.

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How to pay your Home Delivery bill

Not sure how to pay your Home Delivery bill? To find the best option for you take a look at our "How To Pay" guide here.

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Delivery rounds

Are you interested in delivering the Echo? Sign up to join our waiting list for paper rounds by using the form here.

Dorset Echo: FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Not sure what to do next? To help point you in the right direction have a look through our "Frequently Asked Questions" here.