PLANS to demolish a garage and replace it with a two storey house in Weymouth have been met by strong opposition from locals and councillors.

Planning for the development at the garage adjacent to 12 Castle Hill Road, Wyke Regis, was approved in 2018 but expired after work was put on hold due to the pandemic, so the applicants have had to re-apply for permission.

The proposal is for a two-bedroomed house with a bedroom and a study/bedroom downstairs, and living space upstairs above a car port and an outdoor terrace.

Dorset Echo:

The issue was debated by Weymouth Town Council last Tuesday and members of the committee voted unanimously to object, citing a raft of issues including overdevelopment and reduced viability for traffic - as the building is located on the corner of Castle Hill Road and Wyke High Street.

Councillor Graham Winter raised concerns that there are scrape marks on a wall opposite where drivers have struggled to navigate the bend.

"I initially thought this is a really clever development but I went to have a look and felt that putting a two storey building right on that corner is going to make life even more difficult to get in and out of Castle Hill Road than it is at the moment," he said.

"It's very narrow and whilst I agree that it's tatty on that corner and something needs to be done, I don't think a dwelling is appropriate."

Dorset Echo:

Councillor Lucy Hamilton added: "I'm concerned about this as overdevelopment - it's quite a narrow road and (the planners) should go back to the drawing board."

The application has also been met by a raft of objections from residents and complaints that no site notice had been displayed to inform people of the plan.

Concerns ranged from potential structural impact on the neighbouring property; natural light being blocked, and the proposed building not being in keeping with the historic High Street - as well as reduced visibility posing a risk to pedestrians on the route to two nearby schools. Architects have revised the plan to include a new pavement in front of the building, however.

Photographs purporting to showing signs of subsidence on the land were also submitted as evidence.

Dorset Echo:

Cllr Winter proposed that the committee object on grounds of overdevelopment, highways safety issues, traffic generation, parking, visual appearance and overlooking - members unanimously agreed and the vote was passed.

Weymouth Town Council's objection will be registered with Dorset Council and taken into consideration when the final decision is made on the planning application.