DIET guru Terri-Ann Nunns, and nutritionist, Ro Huntriss, have revealed that many of our favourite alcoholic drinks contain a surprising 350 calories per drink, which is almost a fifth of a woman’s daily calorie allowance.

Terri-Ann Nunns, founder of the Terri-Ann 123 Diet Plan, spoke to writer Suzi Dixon:

“It’s important that we’re mindful of what we are putting into our bodies, especially if we are trying to stay focused and on track, “ she says.

“We often forget about the calories in drinks and the huge impact they can have on our daily intake if we are not careful.

“Some really simple swaps can be made to ensure that calorie intake is reduced, without putting a dampener on your party spirit!”

Ro added: “All wines and Prosecco brands vary in alcohol and sugar content, but a glass of Prosecco is likely to be less than half the calories of a large glass of wine.”

“A large glass of wine is 250ml or a third of a bottle, whereas Prosecco is served in smaller glasses, generally serving 125ml.

“You often find that the sugar content can be lower in Prosecco which again, gives Prosecco the edge when it comes to calories.

“A glass of Prosecco will provide you with 1.5 units of alcohol whereas a large glass of wine is likely to be around three units.

“So don’t feel guilty splashing out on some bubbly instead of wine. You are doing your waistline a favour!”

Cocktail calorie count

Here is your guide to some of the calorie content of your favourite tipples:

Large glass of wine (220 kcals)

Glass of Prosecco (85 kcals)

Eggnog (350 kcals)

Sloe gin (85 kcals)

Small glass of dessert wine (118 kcals)

Glass of sherry (60 kcals)

Mulled wine made with sugar (210 kcals)

Mulled wine made with sweetener (145 kcals)

Pint of lager (210 kcals)

Bottle of beer (400 kcals)

Gin and tonic (100 kcals)

Gin and slimline tonic (60 kcals)

Long Island Iced Tea (400 kcals)

Bloody Mary (125 kcals)