THE car is the star – well it would be if it were not for the entire cast and especially the brilliant Potts family, who own the show.

This is a musical in a million and perhaps the most impressive production that WOW have ever performed, truly scrumptious in fact.

Based on the blockbuster film of the same name, the action takes place around 100 years ago where car dealer Coggins, Henry Bell, is trying to sell an old car against the wishes of young Chitty fans Jeremy and Jemima Potts.

The rest of the story set in England and Vulgaria disappears down a black hole of complexity and confusion but who cares? The music and dance numbers and the terrific performances of the large cast are all that matter in a show that demonstrates the talent of every member of WOW both on and off stage.

Lovely songs like Hushabye Mountain, Me Old Bamboo and Toot Sweets keep the action rolling along while jaw-dropping dance numbers get the audience on their feet in a show that reinvents the stage musical with its sweet treats and tasty story line.

Luke Southorn is totally convincing as the dad, Caractacus Potts, while Mikey Bailey plays a lively grandad with Connor Wheeler and Amelia Ryan as the Potts children, their roles being shared with Finlay Tozer and Chloe Chalker.

Add to the menu Maggie Ayles as the gorgeous Truly Scrumptious and stir in Harry Lake and Laura Buckland as a posh pair of potty Vulgarians and you have a meal to remember.

But wait, what about the villains, we must have someone for the audience to hiss and boo so bring on Boris and Goran, a dotty duo played by Samuel Bates and Charlie Vaughan, who try to add some poison to the dish with their soppy song Act English.

And then there is the car which, with Truly Scrumptious and the Potts family all aboard, which not only glides across the stage but actually rises and flies as well, yes really!

A great orchestra led by Lee Redwood and Heather Reed guide the cast through the magical musical numbers while choreographer and director Martine Burt waves her magic wand and keeps the whole thing moving along at a lively pace.

The production continues tonight, tomorrow evening and Saturday afternoon and evening.