HAVING watched Stewart Francis for many years on series like Mock the Week and Live at The Apollo I have always wanted to see him live. One reason being that honestly, I wasn’t sure how he could keep up one-liners for a whole 75-minute set. That seems like an enormous amount of material to create, let alone remember!

So, with Into The Punset – to be the Canadian comic's last tour – coming to Weymouth, I knew it was my last chance to see him live. The deadpan humour was full-on right from the start, and I was again, amazed how he managed to remember so many jokes.

It’s like watching all the best dad jokes in the world strung together: some make you groan, some make you laugh so hard you cry, and others are delivered so fast you barely have time to catch up before he’s on to the next one.

What’s lovely about Stewart Francis is that while the basis for his jokes is often made up in order to set up his famous one-liners, (in one scene he made up 17 brothers and wives for comedic effect,) there’s a genuine warmth to each gag. Stewart Francis is a man who has clearly studied and loves his craft, from timing to tone. And it’s hilarious.

Spanning everything from his doctor and his tinnitus diagnosis, to his family life, his love of Canada, politics and the JFK assassination and Trevor McDonald, he covers everything and anything. And his dancing to Beyoncé is something to behold too.

As always, the night went off effortlessly, thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Pavilion. I am so impressed by the team; the calibre of talent, both comedic and theatrical, they have attracted to Weymouth is astounding – they are a credit to the area. The whole thing ran really smoothly, and I must say, the new column light display outside is fantastic! Really fun and eye-catching!

The Into The Punset Tour is a long one, running all this year, so there will be plenty of time to catch this hilarious chap before he does indeed head off. He will be in Southampton at the O2 Guildhall on June 8, Westlands in Yeovil on November 7, Poole Lighthouse on November 20 and Bridport’s Electric Palace on December 1. Make sure you catch him; you won’t be disappointed.

You can find out more via his website