TRY to remember an outrageous stage show you have seen, then transform it into an fast-paced and funny musical and you have pieced together this winning Mel Brooks production that started life as a comedy film.

Wessex Musical Theatre, formerly Weymouth Operatic Society, bring their considerable talents to a show that ticks all the boxes for colour and performance in a story that includes a host of camp characters, a bunch of Nazi soldiers and even a portrayal of Adolf Hitler himself.

The audience at first react with shocked surprise as the plot begins to unfold but they soon get the picture as it pokes irreverent fun at the flamboyant gay brigade, not to mention the antics of New York producer Max who aims to stage a sure-fire flop on Broadway that will make him rich, don’t ask how.

Max scoops up accountant Leo to help him make his millions but when a Swedish beauty arrives on the scene, Leo is soon hopelessly in love and out of the action.

With a song every minute, dozens of scene changes, a glamorous chorus line, colourful costumes and a cleverly witty script, this has to be one of the amateur company’s major productions that deserves to be among their top ten successes.

The large cast is headed by Tom Howden as Max and Alex Rogan as Leo, an amazing double act who never put a foot wrong in a production that delivers an eye-popping story-line which only Mel Brooks could. get away with.

Sarah Hooper is in fine shape as the gorgeous Swedish beauty while the talented Paul Brewster, Paul Beecroft and Jason Hodder are full of beans as Max’s mates as they keep the plot buzzing merrily along, helped by many members of the large cast, all of whom give a good account of themselves as they take on multiple roles with American accents.

Down in the orchestra pit, the seriously talented Lee Redwood, takes the superb 15 piece band to new heights and Martyn Knight maintains his first class reputation as the director and choreographer of a ground breaking musical that is different, delightful and continues until the end of the week.