NO prizes for guessing that this tribute show is all about three British brothers who first found fame in Australia before capturing the whole world with their astonishing musical talents as performers and song writers during the magical era of disco pop.

The Bee Gees are represented onstage by three men who bear no physical resemblance to Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb but who with a drummer and some backing tracks, play with bounce and style a selection of the hit songs that made the boys famous in the 60s and 70s.

The show opens with some of the brothers’ lesser known works and the audience react with muted enthusiasm until the big hits start rolling in after the interval. We get no facts or figures about their lives to get in the way of the Bee Gees’ creative genius during the performance, this is a tribute to serious talent that needs only professional musicians showing us the work of three men who wrote everything they sang and which say it all.

Where do you start with acknowledging the massive contribution that the Bee Gees made to the world of popular music? Tragedy, Stayin’ Alive, How Deep is Your Love and If I Can’t Have You, their genius was unstoppable and the artists onstage did a good job of bringing some of this astonishing talent to life in a show that gave the audience a huge dose of Saturday Night Fever that they are unlikely to forget.