COFFEE fanatic Tim Wookey admits he loves a story. Which is why the origins of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans play such a huge part in the company he founded with wife Binny in April this year.

Creating and selling single origin and bespoke blends to businesses around the country, Tim is finally living the dream he envisioned nine years ago while running a marketing agency.

"One of our clients was an Australian winemaker," he explains. "I started to understand how climate, terrain etc made a difference. I started getting into wine, did a wine course. Then got interested in coffee – things like geology and the climate change the taste profile.

"My wife bought me some Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee from Selfridges and gave it to me for my birthday. I was quite excited – I had read up about it being the best in the world. What else can you buy that's got that tag of "best in the world" for less than £100?

"We sold our marketing agency and I started to develop the idea, which was to tell the story of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee the way I thought it should be told."

While growing the business idea, Tim continued working as a marketing consultant and, when an opportunity came up which was too good to miss, he put coffee on the backburner.

"I decided to take the safe option," he says, "but it never went away, this desire to do my own thing."

When Binny decided she wanted to tailor her working life around that of the couple's three children, she too began working on the business idea and the pair came up with a concept for the company.

amamus Coffee was launched from Tim and Binny's Lymington home in April with a dual focus: launching Midnight Blue, a "super premium", Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee for ‘foodies’ and developing more accessibly priced bespoke coffees for corporate companies.

"amamus means "we love" in Latin," explains Tim, " I felt that underpins what we do.

"With amamus we target companies on a mission. If a company is trying to be great at what they do, that's who we target. We can see quite quickly if a company is committed to being brilliant.

"We supply Greedo, a restaurant in Lymington, Wave 105 radio station and luxury care home operator Colten Care. So Colten Care's coffee, for example, is created for them. Colten Care has got a huge plastic-free agenda, so we supply it in biodegradable bags and we've created a lower caffeine bespoke filter coffee.

"We also supply investment banks, asset management firms. We are going after the corporate market, leisure, health clubs, sports clubs, members' clubs. Then more corporate organisations, law firms, because they've got such high value clients.

"We've got a few companies in London – they seem to be pretty receptive. But local companies are starting to come to us now and asking what we can do."

Tim and his team work with a network of local community-minded roasting companies to create the coffee and blends unique to each business.

"You can buy great coffee from roasters, but it's their brand," he explains. "So if you're selling that coffee, you're telling someone else's story. We want companies to be able to tell their own story, so we are creating a coffee for them.

"But the roasters create the coffee for us, it's never sat on a shelf. We don't want to step on the toes of our roasting partners either."

As well as selling to businesses, Tim and the team are working to "build up a community" around Midnight Blue.

A limited edition blend, named Halcyon, was launched as a high end gift package for Father's Day, and another version is planned for Christmas.

"People say they want to improve their coffee, but they don't know where to go," explains Tim.

"This is my chance to follow my dream, which was to have my own business and work with coffee. Speciality coffee is massively undervalued, I believe."