FASTEN your seat belts and tighten up your underpinnings, ladies, for a blockbuster bonanza of live music for the August bank holiday weekend.

Once again, there’s a veritable smorgasbord of events across south and west, featuring music of countless genres so there’s bound to be something to delight your earholes.

Let’s kick off with the all-day fundraising Music For Life event out at The Anchor in Burton Bradstock on Bank Holiday Monday, August 26, which will be helping to boost the coffers of Parkinson’s UK.

Thoroughbred Music has put together an impressive bill which is topped by Sam (yes, daughter of Sixties legend Joe) Brown’s Pure Fluke who describe themselves as ‘a rambunctious and motley crew of unexpected talent’.

Armed with ukuleles, clarinet, melodica, harmonica and rather lovely voices, they’re dedicated to your merriment with songs from the 20s, 30s and 40s, plus a twist on some more contemporary tunes.

Also performing are Lisa Kwei, The Million Dollar Bash, Hustle, the rather dubiously-named Foo Foo and many more.

It’s £5 admission (£1 for the nippers) and it all kicks off out in the car park at midday on Monday with proceeds going to Parkinson’s UK.

Moving on, and it’s another two-day award-winning Quayside Festival behemoth outside the Rendezvous by  Weymouth’s Town Bridge starting tomorrow, Saturday August 24 and Sunday, August 25.

There’s a terrific line up of familiar favourites with Saturday kicking off at midday with Helena Mace,  followed by Identikit, Moondog, the fabulously fantastic Glass Spiders, Vanilla Radio, BiProxy, Psychedelephant, Regulation 9 and Legendary House Band with Modern Disciples taking the party inside The Anchor from 10pm.

Sunday’s line-up starts at noon with Milk and Two, followed by Gut and Steel, Million Dollar Bash, Sisterhood, Stereoironics, Chief Lazarus, Leggomen and Blackwater County with the marvellous Mad Hatters in The Anchor from 10pm.

Moving on, and it’s the end of an earache at The Belvedere in Weymouth as guv’nor Tom De Brincat departs for pastures new…  ARRRR!.

And, as expected, he’ll be going out with a considerably large BANG with Belvstock,  three days of live music and DJs next weekend, Friday, August 30 through to Sunday, September 1.

Friday’s rogues gallery features Edd Bleach, Jamie Pinnow, Martin Saint and Mike Dennis, Saturday’d delights are Minor Fret , Richard Swann and Shaun Brown while Sunday’s farewell fandango has The Shakespearos, The Katz, ladies and gentlemen out your hands together for  The Urinal, Surfing Birds and Paisley.

Where else are you going to get such a great line-up, and where else are you going to get  to read such words as smorgasbord, rambunctious and fandango?

Have great bank holiday weekend.

Till next time…


Fastlove: George Michael tribute (Weymouth Pavilion)

Aaron Carter (Wyke Smugglers, Weymouth)

The Remedy (Royal Portland Arms, Portland)

The Katz (Fat Badger, Weymouth)

Dakota (Golden Lion, Weymouth)

Sweet FA (Gloucester, Weymouth)

Retro (Weymouth Working Mens Club)

The Undecided (Wyke Regis Working Mens Club, Weymouth)

Pretty Lustful (Waterloo, Weymouth)

Farrago (John Gregory, Weymouth)

The Shakespearos (Club Bambooza, Weymouth)

Ricky Solo (Edinburgh House of Sounds, Weymouth)

Rob Davis and Buster Cottam (Brewhouse, Dorchester)

Bring Me the Pistols (Punchbowl, Portland)

Frankie Finn (Duke of Albany, Weymouth)

Stacey Lou (Black Dog, Weymouth)


Helena Mace, Identikit, Moondog, Glass Spiders, Vanilla Radio, BiProxy, Psychedelephant, Regulation 9, Legendary House Band, Modern Disciples (Quayside Music festival, Town Bridge, Weymouth)

Mandy For Girls, The Undecided, Charlene Clease, Wave Chase, Lyn Read, Jemima, Pop Club and many more (Anonymous Festival, Maumbury Rings, Dorchester) From 1pm.

Elijah Wolf, Uphill and Still, Old Man Folk, Inner City Smugglers, Em’n’Im (Smugglers Inn, Osmington, Weymouth) From 2pm.

Tripod (Finns, Weymouth)

Mad Hatters (Boat That Rocks, Portland Marina)

Slipstream (Sailors Return, Weymouth)

Jamie Parker and Owen Lister (Wyke Smugglers, Weymouth)

Georgie Broad (Little Ship, Portland)

V8 Hearts (Golden Lion, Weymouth)

The Katz (Punchbowl, Portland)

Adele tribute (Gloucester, Weymouth)

Blue Quays (Weymouth Working Mens Club)

Dale Fender Band (Wyke Regis Working Mens Club, Weymouth)

Replay (Centenary Club, Weymouth)

Neil Wale (Weymouth Conservative Club)

Richard Cooper (Edinburgh House of Sounds, Weymouth) 2pm.

Georgie Broad (Little Ship, Portland)

Matt Lock (Market House, Weymouth)

Alexis (Mary’s Tea Room, Esplanade, Weymouth)

Hustle (King's Arms, Weymouth)

Skinful (George, Portland)

Sheryl Lee (Duke of Albany, Weymouth)

The Crack (Black Dog, Weymouth)


Milk and Two, Gut and Steel, Million Dollar Bash, Sisterhood, Stereoironics, Chief Lazarus, Leggomen, Blackwater County, Mad Hatters (Quayside Music festival, Town Bridge, Weymouth)

Showaddywaddy (Weymouth Pavilion)

Glass Spiders (Finns, Weymouth)

Danny Adams, Mark Davis (Smugglers Inn, Osmington, Weymouth) From 1pm.

Under The Carousel, Blazin’ Strings (Lazy Lizard, Weymouth)

Tequila Mockingbird (Gloucester, Weymouth)

Alan Roberts (Weymouth Working Mens Club)

Replay (Red Lion, Hope Sq, Weymouth) 2pm.

Farrago (Waterloo, Weymouth)

Tim Andrews (Edinburgh House of Sounds, Weymouth) 2pm

Richard Cooper (Edinburgh House of Sounds, Weymouth) 8pm.

Rob Davis (Market House, Weymouth)

Ricky Solo (Sailor’s Return, Weymouth)  From 3pm.

V8 Hearts (Black Dog, Broadmayne)

Duke and The Broad’s Rat Pack (Park, Weymouth)

Ansell and Gretal (Duchess of Cornwall, Dorchester) 4pm

Skinful, Flying Camels, Afra Tallawa plus any more (Springhead, Weymouth).

Rob Davis (Aura, Weymouth) 6pm.

Speedway Snails (Aura, Weymouth) 10pm.

Finnian (King's Arms, Weymouth)

Tania's Open Mic (Duke of Albany, Weymouth)

Sheryl Lee (Black Dog, Weymouth)


Sam Brown’s Pure Fluke, Lisa Kwei Band, Hustle, Million Dollar Bash, Foo Foo, John Cooper’s Jazz Trio (Anchor, Burton Bradstock) From midday, in aid of Parkinson’s UK.

Simmertones, Sandtimer, Shadrack Street Band, Drystones, The Session, Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion (Maumbury Rings, Dorchester) From 1pm.

Shakespearos (Royal Oak, Weymouth)

Tim Andrews (Edinburgh House of Sounds, Weymouth)

Acoustic session (Belvedere, Weymouth)

Speedway Snails (Anchor, Weymouth)

Karen (Duke of Albany, Weymouth) 5pm


Mike Robbins (Weymouth Working Mens Club)

Ricky Solo (Edinburgh House of Sounds, Weymouth)


Tim Andrews (Edinburgh House of Sounds, Weymouth)

Wessex Folk Night (Sailors Return, Weymouth) Acoustic folk, here every Wednesday.

Open Mic Night (Rock, Weymouth)


Ricky Solo (Edinburgh House of Sounds, Weymouth)

Traditional Tune Session (Cove House Inn, ChiswelI, Portland

Ukulele Sessions (Sailors Return,  Weymouth) Strum on down from 8pm.


Be Bop A Lula (Weymouth Pavilion)

Edd Bleach, Martin Saint, Jamie Pinnow, Elijah Wolf, Mike Dennis (Belvedere, Weymouth)

Komakino (Finns, Weymouth)

Matt Black (Wyke Smugglers, Weymouth)

The Rock Band (Royal Portland Arms, Portland)

Speedway Snails (Golden Lion, Weymouth)

Micha D (Gloucester, Weymouth)

Adagio (Weymouth Working Mens Club)

Georgie Broad (Wyke Regis Working Mens Club, Weymouth)

Matt Lock (John Gregory, Weymouth)

Ricky Solo (Edinburgh House of Sounds, Weymouth)

The Shakespearos (Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth)

Jess Upton and the Guilty Pleasures (Pymore Inn, Bridport)