EXPLORE the meeting point of two musical worlds.

The Dominic Alldis Trio will play the music of Jacque Loussier at Dorchester Corn Exchange on Friday, October 11 at 8pm.

Featuring arrangements of Bach inspired by the legendary Jacques Loussier Trio, the Dominic Alldis Trio explore the meeting point of classical and jazz.

In 1959 the Jacques Loussier Trio released a seminal album called Play Bach. Their blending of jazz and classical led to a new musical genre called ‘third stream’ and the trio went on to sell more than 7 million records and play 3,000 concerts worldwide.

Dorchester Arts artistic director Mark Tattersall said: “Jacques Loussier sadly passed away in March, so by way of tribute the Dominic Alldis Trio will be performing new jazz arrangements of classical themes that pay homage to his remarkable achievement.”

The Dominic Alldis Trio draw further inspiration from the works of Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck and the Modern Jazz Quartet to bring a fresh and contemporary jazz interpretation to themes drawn from classical music, opera and traditional folk songs.

*The Dominic Alldis Trio play Jacque Loussier, Dorchester Corn Exchange, Friday, October 11, 8pm. Contact Dorchester Arts for tickets.