TO help boost the immune system during the winter months, experts say we should increase our intake of Vitamin C. Gram for gram, watercress contains more vitamin C than an orange.

Added to that, watercress also boasts high levels of iron, but what is less known is that for the body to absorb the iron found in plants, there needs to be a large amount of vitamin C present. Clearly watercress ticks this box and so anyone eating watercress can fully benefit from its iron content too.

Start your day with this nutritious Watercress Breakfast Smoothie Bowl.

Serves 1

35g watercress

25g spinach

65g fresh or frozen mango

135ml pineapple juice

To serve (optional)

Small handful blueberries

½ an apple, cored and sliced

Sprinkling of mixed seeds and nuts

Small handful goji berries

To make the smoothie simply place all ingredients into a high-powered blender or smoothie maker and blitz until smooth. Check the consistency is to your liking and add a little more pineapple juice if you prefer a thinner smoothie. At this stage the smoothie can be kept in the fridge for up to two days or frozen for up to one month.

To serve, pour into a cereal bowl and decorate by arranging the fruit and seeds on top in any way you like. Why not experiment by adding different fruits, berries or even edible flowers and herbs?

Tip: Use frozen mango to ensure that your smoothie comes out of the blender nice and chilled.