PREPARE to enter a time warp.

The Royal Manor Theatre is trembling with anticipation for Halloween with a two night screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show film.

The musical classic, starring Tim Curry and written by the Crystal Maze's Richard O'Brien has gained cult status as an event film after audiences started joining in with the fun by dressing up as the many films kooky characters.

In the spirit of the film, Royal Manor regulars, Neil Highley, Nikki Fryer and Stephen Marshall are dressing up and dropping out for the two nights at the end of October.

"It's always great fun dressing up at the best of times," says Neil, dressed as Eddie, "And being part of the Rocky Horror film experience, singing along and bringing props, it lifts it to extreme levels of crazy! I hope this becomes a regular thing for the Cinema".

Neil was recently seen "Argghing" it up as Captain Rum in the Theatres recent performance of Blackadder and in Fifteen Minute Warning.

Nikki Fryer, who as well as being a pivotal part of many local causes on Portland helps choose the musical nights on behalf of the theatre, dressed up as Frank-en-Furter and is pleased the screenings are finally coming around.

"We've been planning on this for over a year, after great screenings featuring Grease and The Sound of Music Its going to be a great couple of nights!"

Stephen Marshall, recently seen in the Fifteen Minute Warning also joined in on the Transylvanian titillation in a long black dress and platforms and will probably 'wear smaller heels next time'.

*The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Royal Manor Theatre, Portland, Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26. Tickets are available from the Royal Manor Theatre website, can also be found on Google or via the theatre box office. The Royal Manor Theatre "Team Screen" hopes to follow up the event with other cult and dress up event films such as The Room, Moulin Rouge and Murder She Wrote.