EXPECT deadly and risky fun as Javier Jarquin, otherwise known as Card Ninja, performs his extreme card-flicking stunts at Dorchester Arts on Sunday, November 24 at 2pm.

Using genuine playing cards, he dazzles audiences with displays of decks as weapons. Extreme precision, impeccable timing and astonishing speed/distance – you will not believe what you’re seeing.

Dorchester Arts artistic director Mark Tattersall said: “Card Ninja will enthrall your kids and keep you amused too. Jarquin is a nimble and graceful performer and a wiitty and warm comedian.”

Hailing from New Zealand, Javier Jarquin dazzles with his display of comedy and card stunts. He resurrects the classic, lost art of scaling, or card throwing resulting in a combination of witty comedy and amazing feats with cards. This show contains ninjas, not magic. Card Ninja is a show like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

*Card Ninja: Javier Jarquin, Dorchester Corn Exchange, Dorchester, Sunday, November 24, 2pm. Call the box office for tickets.