One of Britain's top stand-up poets will bring his new play to Bridport Arts Centre tomorrow evening.

Luke Wright, also a theatre maker who has written and toured his work across the world for 20 years, will perform The Remains of Logan Dankworth at 7.30pm.

The production is the third and final instalment of Luke's trilogy of political verse, and explores issues of trust and privilege in the age of Brexit.

"The remains of Logan Dankworth is certainly the most complex and mature thing I've written so far," Luke says. "As with my previous plays there is a personal story occurring against the backdrop of political upheaval. Previously I’ve dealt with Thatcherism and the legacy of New Labour; this is bang up to date and features a man approaching middle age excited by the febrile nature of British politics while trying to hold things together at home."

The first two plays in the trilogy, What I Learned from Johnny Bevan and Frankie Vah, won praise from critics and audiences alike.

Tickets are £12, available from the Bridport Arts Centre website or box office.