AN American acapella folk group who sing about deprivation and injustice does not sound tremendously inviting but as soon as you hear them perform, listening to this fabulous foursome becomes an electrifying experience.

Jeremy, Will, Lauren and Lynn not only share their dedication for singing and spreading the word about the power of music, they also take their audiences on a journey of social injustice and inequality in the past which still thrives today.

With no musical accompaniment other than Jeremy’s occasional strumming on a banjo and a few toe-tapping routines, the concert performance highlights the four singers’ skilful four part harmonies as they sing a range of vocals such as Phil Och’s When I’m Gone and an emotional rendering of Song of the Lower Classes.

The audience also gets to hear the Occitane language from the South of France as well as a Corsican melody and a French Canadian song along with a number of American folk songs as the group demonstrate their passion for music from all around the world.

With the singers touring extensively during their month-long visit to England, Dorchester is fortunate indeed to have captured this beautiful music and it seems likely that they will wish to return to the UK soon, if the enthusiasm of the Dorset audience is anything to go by.