A HIGHLIGHT of the Dorchester Arts calender returns to entertain all over again.

See Your Toys On A Big Adventure in two performances at Dorchester Corn Exchange on Wednesday, April 15 at 11am and 2pm.

Your Toys from Slot Machine Theatre was one of the highlights of autumn 2017.

As a heart-warming story about friends pulling together, this gigantic adventure is funny, with original live music, beautiful puppets and lots of surprises: you’ll go home with huge smiles on your faces.

What have Buzz Lightyear, Barbie, the blue Brontosaurus and any other toy got in common?

Answer: They can all go on a massive adventure together in “Your Toys”.

This is said to be show like no other – one that features your very own toys!

A heartwarming story about friends pulling together, Your Toys is funny, full of music and surprises, and will send you home with a huge smile on your face. It’s an anthem to creative play and silliness, and is back this autumn due to popular demand.

Adults and children alike are invited to bring a toy and watch it join in the rumpus.

It's an anthem to creative play and silliness, fun for adults and children alike.

Your Toys is a piece that has been made from the heart (and not without struggle) by a wide group of people of all ages. We have all come up with a story that in many ways is an anthem to the strength of a group powering on through adversity – and that will now be shared with an even wider group of people.

*Your Toys On A Big Adventure, Dorchester Corn Exchange, Wednesday, April 15, 11am and 2pm. Tickets cost £6. Call Dorchester Arts on 01305 266926 for tickets.