A familiar coastline appeared in the background of ITV's This Morning as chef Phil Vickery cooked up catch caught off the Jurassic Coast

The team at The Club House in West Bexington hosted popular TV chef Phil Vickery and crew from ITV last week to film a segment for the show.

Alongside The Club House head chef Mark Kick, Phil headed out onto Chesil Beach at 4.45am to not only welcome the summer solstice, but also to catch some fish for the dish he was to make live on air.

After allowing Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to choose their dish on air, Phil cooked fried gurnard with tomatoes and courgette dish over a fire pit at the restaurant.

For the dish, The Club House provided fresh herbs grown in their garden, along with some popular seasonings.

Hazelbury Bryan-based Dorset Charcoal provided the team with oak charcoal for the fire pit.

Club House chef Mark Kick said: "It was good fun, really good weather, and a nice summer solstice sunrise."

When asked how he felt about watching someone else do the cooking, Mark said: "It was nice to watch, and interesting to see how they do it on live TV, as it has to be easy and spot on.

"It was nice to have Phil down here at The Club House enjoying Chesil Beach in its full glory."

TV chef Vickery, aged 57 and from Folkestone, Kent, is no stranger to the south west, having lived in Taunton

Speaking about being on the Dorset coast, Phil said: "It's fantastic, I used to have a beach hut at Lyme Regis for 25 years, and lived in Taunton for 10 years.

"It was an early start today, and I woke up at 3.30am. We managed to catch two fish, and it was nice to be out.

"At one point, it was just us (Phil and Mark), and it was stunning, you have to pinch yourself, this job isn't too bad .

"I've got here and was on for six minutes. I have a great job."

Phil said he has a 'duty of care' to give out information on campaigns to cut out the amount of plastic waste ending up in the sea.

He said: "Whether it be plastics, sugars, soft pesticides, pesticides in meat, whatever it is, we all have a duty of care to study and read about it.

"When on TV, I have a duty of care to give out the right information about it."

Phil, who is part-owner of the Castle Hotel in Taunton, appeared on BBC's Ready Steady Cook, and has been part of the This Morning family for 19 years.

Despite being the only one doing the cooking on camera, Phil made sure to thank the team at The Club House.

Phil said: "The guys here are fantastic and so helpful.

"Chef Mark was brilliant and came to help set-up, and we couldn't have done it without the team's help."