A fresh tasting health evening meal. Perfect for guests and family

Serves 2

2 Chicken breasts
Small tub of natural yoghurt
1 lime (or lemon will do)

Empty yoghurt into container (large enough to take marinade & chicken in)
Grate lime (or Lemon) peel into it together with all the juice
Mix thoroughly
Score chicken and place in yoghurt mixture. Make sure all chicken covered
Leave as long as possible for best flavour (overnight or 20 mins, depends on how much time you have!)
When ready to eat place a chicken breast and some of the yoghurt mixture in a piece of tin foil to make a parcel. Make sure parcel is well sealed
Place in over proof dish (with a little water in the bottom to stop stick especially if mixture leaks).
Cook in moderate over for about 30 mins or until chicken completely cooked.
Alternatively you can steam it in a steamer once in the tinfoil parcels.