A perfect lazy tea! Just throw everything together and let the oven do the rest.

Serves 2

Four handfuls of pasta (swirls, penne etc will do)
Cherry tomatoes
Ham slices (preferably thick sliced)

For cheese sauce
Knob of butter
Level tablespoon of flour
1 pint of milk
Big wedge of cheese (either grated or chopped small - quantity depends on how cheesy you want the sauce)

To make cheese sauce (in microwave)
Melt butter for about 30secs (or less)
Add flour and mix
Heat for another 30 seconds
Mix and add milk
Heat for 1min then mix (keep heating in 1 min lots until milk is warm)
Add cheese and heat for another minute
Keep heating until cheese melts but be careful it doesn't over thicken (if it does add more milk)

Add pasta to large oven proof dish (needs to contain expanding pasta and liquid)
Cut tomatoes in half and add to pasta
Chop ham into cubes and add to pasta
Mix well
Add Cheese sauce
Sprinkle more cheese on top

Place in moderate over for about 45 mins or until pasta is cooked.
May need to check that liquid hasn't all gone. Just add more milk if need be.