A book helping people seek out Dorset's best drinks has been launched.

Dorset Moonshine offers a guide to the county’s best talent in mixology as well as the drinks they create from the spirits of some of the county’s best drinks producers.

Moving from one bartender to the next based on where they would recommend, the book provides inspiration for drinking at home or heading out and about for cocktails around the county.

Dorset has been through a huge growth not just in incredible venues and bars, but also in the wide range of spirits now being produced in the county. From Lilliput Gin to Liberty Fields Vodka, the scene is changing rapidly, and local bartenders have been quick to create unique, local cocktails based on these new products.

The book was created by Dorset photographer, Richard Budd, who had the idea after photographing a range of cocktails designed by Lloyd Brown, brand ambassador for Liberty Fields Vodka. Lloyd introduced Richard to other talented Dorset bartenders, and the stories behind them and their drinks. So the Dorset Moonshine book was born.

With more than 25 different recipes, these experts in their fields give step by step instructions on how to recreate their latest drinks at home. Alternatively, the book gives details of all the bars, setting up the prospect of some great Dorset summer drinking.

Local chef and cookbook author, Lesley Waters, said: “My philosophy on cocktails is similar to my philosophy on food...less is more and simple is good. It doesn't get much better than a Dorset vodka martini using Liberty Farm Porter's Perfection vodka. I'm delighted that Dorset cocktails are now seriously on the map in the Dorset Moonshine guide to cocktails. Cheers!”

Dorset Moonshine is a 40 page A5 book, available in hard copy from bars, restaurants and cafes around Dorset. It’s also available to download as an e-book from www.DorsetMoonshine.co.uk, priced at £3.49.