LEVELS of excitement and expectation have not been this high since your birthday, Christmas, the FA Cup Final, the World Cup, a Royal baby AND a Royal wedding all occurred on the same day, and even I can’t remember that far back…

But a music project which started some nine months ago, gradually evolving and tweaking into the pinnacle of perfection, is coming to a brilliantly bee-hived head and will be unveiled to the public next Friday, May 25, at Weymouth Pavilion Ocean Room as Amy: A Tribute to Amy Winehouse makes its full debut.

As singer Stacey Thomas, en route to one of the band’s last rehearsals before the big night, tells me: “It’s just so exciting.

“We had a run through with the three-piece DB Horns brass section and that was THE game-changer.

“They really have made it happen,” she enthused.

The band of guitarist George Hall, bass ace Dan Brackley, keys maestro Lucy Hackett and drummer Rob Davis have been working hard since last summer on the 90-minute show which features all of Amy’s Grammy award-winning Back to Black album, most of her Mercury Prize-nominated debut Frank, plus songs from the Lioness selection, which was released after her tragic and untimely passing in 2011.

It’s also amazing to think that Stacey and the whole band can be found, in one guise or another, entertaining the punters around the pubs of Weymouth virtually every weekend.

“They’re all so reliable,” says Stacey of the band.

“And if I should wander into an Amy-style ad lib, I know they’ll follow me.”

But it’s inevitably Stacey who is the centre of attention and she manages to mix the heady cocktail of supreme sass and fragile vulnerability which made Amy such a star.

And as for her vocals, I’ll leave that to Frankie Tontoh, Amy’s former drummer who toured and recorded with her: “Wow! You sound just like her,” he says.

Next Friday’s showpiece is a huge step up and reaction to the two warm-up dates, at Kyps in Poole and at Lymington Yacht Club, has been phenomenal with a host of management agencies and tour representatives all expressing interest.

The attention to detail in order to make this THE most authentic and accurate tribute has been forensic, and not only musically, but also with regard to stage sets and costumes.

Even the iconic lampshades, identical to those used by Amy on her live performances back in the day, have been located and manufactured to order by a firm in Harrogate.

As Stacey says: “I love Amy and everything about her.

“ I understand and relate to her lyrics, which also makes it so much easier for me to remember them all.

“When I’m being Amy, I don’t need to change. Of course I get nervous but I do a wiggle and clutch the hem of my dress, just like she did, and go into my own little bubble.”

It really does promise to be both a night to remember and the start of something rather good.

Tickets for Amy: A Tribute to Amy Winehouse are available at £17.50 from the Pavilion box office on 01305 783225.

Till next time…



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