OVER the years Sweden has produced its fair share of great music.
There’s Abba, obviously, The Cardigans, Roxette, Ace of Bass, not to mention Ikea and Tina Turner and Stockholm, Aitkin and Waterman.
All well and good, but none quite as exciting and original as Kerbera, a visual alt-rock act straight out of the Swedish capital who take a mixture of ambient sounds, hip-hop weirdness, emo and prog rock and turn it into, well, in their own words, something that’s: “too hard for the soft and too soft for the hard, too dark for the bright and too bright for the dark”. Yep, got it…
They’ve been working together for five years now and boast more than five million views on YouTube: Well, they are all very good-looking as you can see from their picture today.
Their latest single and film, Home is Where I Don’t Belong was released just last week, after hitting the number one slot in the Swedish iTunes pre-order charts.

They’ve just returned from dates in Moscow and St Petersburg and have gigs in London on October 18 and 19 but head this way with a show at Weymouth’s hip and happening Belvedere next Saturday, October 20.
It’s a quite a coup to land a band of this stature and that’s a lot of that is down to superfan Sandra Paul who tells me: “In 2014 I travelled to Sweden to see my favourite band Kerbera, four years and nine shows later, we have become friends and I am now involved in helping with their first UK shows.
“The band have played in seven countries so far, including Japan, America and Russia and are super excited to be playing the UK, and especially my hometown,” says Sandra.
The band have pledged to infect the world one day at a time with their ‘modern freakshow’ and as frontman Seike Clowniac tells me: “Back in the day, people wanted to go and watch freak shows to marvel and at the same time feeling normal: Humiliate others for their physical attributes. 
“Our modern freak show turns a mirror to the audience and challenges them to confront themselves.”
Seike, mate, you’re playing the Belvedere in Weymouth on a Saturday night. You’ll be fine…
Moving on, and if you get your collective bottoms in gear you can catch Blue Rose Code at Dorchester’s Corn Exchange tonight, Friday October 12.
BRC is Scottish folk-jazz-soul singer Ross Wilson who has just come off touring with Deacon Blue and had the undoubted delight of opening for Van Morrison at his recent show in Glasgow.
There’s touches of John Martyn, Tom Waits and Van the Man in Ross’s sounds and he’s been picking up rave reviews with author Ian Rankin gushing: “The boy’s a genius...”
Tickets for tonight’s show are £13 from the box office on 01305 266926 and support comes from rising local muso Adam Sweet.
Till next time…


Blue Rose Code, Adam Sweet (Dorchester Arts Centre)

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Rapport (Village hall, Bere Regis) Tickets at £5 from 01929 472023.

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SUNDAY (14) WOB, The Skones, Edd Bleach, Ansell and Gretal, Kipper (Old Ship, Dorchester) From 2pm.

Andrew Riverstone (Royal Portland Arms, Portland)

Tim Andrews (Edinburgh House of Sounds, Weymouth) 3pm and 8pm.

Skint Imperials (George, Portland) 4-6pm.

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