ALMOST a year on from their hometown debut, Amy: A Tribute to Amy Winehouse returns to the Weymouth Pavilion next Friday, May 3.

What a year it’s been and, as singer Stacey Thomas, who has stunned and delighted audiences across the country with her uncanny vocal talent and equally extraordinary likeness to the late and sadly missed chanteuse, tells me there’s a lot more to come over the next few weeks.

“We’ve all been working so hard to improve the show and we feel we’ve progressed so much.

“People who knew Amy herself have been coming to our shows and have asked to have their picture taken with me, which is really something.

“Although I’m being Amy, both sounding and looking like her during her songs, I talk to audience as Stacey and people like that and it means a lot to me,” she adds.

Last year’s debut was in the Ocean Rooms but next Friday’s show will be in the theatre, another indication of how much the eight-piece band of George Hall on guitar, Lucy Hackett on keys, Dan Brackley on bass and Rob Davis on drums (all of whom are regular runners and riders in Weymouth’s thriving live music scene) plus the fabulous DB Horns, have moved up and stepped up.

“It’s so exciting,” says Stacey, “but just because there are seats I don’t want people to think they can’t get up and have a boogie!”

After next Friday’s show, the band have a busy few weeks, with dates in Poole, Banbury, Tewkesbury, Taunton and Frome plus a return visit to the iconic Fleece venue in Bristol.

“That was possibly my favourite gig we’ve done,” says Stacey. “The place was packed and we had to walk through the crowd to get to the stage. People were crying out ‘Amy, Amy’ and reaching out to touch me. It was pretty scary!”

They’ve been keeping the music and style of a true British icon alive and there’s a moment in the show when Stacey asks everyone to show their appreciation of Amy Winehouse with a round of applause, a moment which is simultaneously heart-breaking and heart-lifting.

It’s bound to one of those ‘I was there’ nights and tickets at £20 are available from the box office on 01305 783225.

Moving on, and two nights earlier at the Pavilion on Wednesday, May 1, Eighties legend Paul Young will be celebrating the 36th anniversary of his triple platinum No Parlez album.

And for those of you used to downloads and have no idea what triple platinum means… it’s a flipping big lot.

The album included Paul’s first No. 1 single, his take on Marvin Gaye’s Wherever I Lay my Hat (That’s my Home), as well as biggies Come Back And Stay, Love of the Common People and Love Will Tear Us Apart, the Joy Division epic.

It led to a run of hits which made Paul one of THE faces and voices of the decade, not to mention having the honour of singing It’s Christmas Time…. the opening lines for Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Not bad for a former windscreen wiper fitter at Vauxhall’s Luton plant.

Tickets for next Wednesday’s show start at £32 and are available from the box office on 01305 783225.

Till next time…


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