THE Average Wyke Band, The Melbury Osmonds, The Winterbourne Abbas and The Durdle Doors: Yes, we’re certainly well served in south and west Dorset when it comes to tribute bands.

So it’s no surprise then that one of the most successful and authentic tributes to Pink Floyd come from this part of the world.

What started as a one-off show at Weymouth Pavilion 15 years ago has turned into one of the most popular and realistic acts around UK Pink Floyd, formerly known as The Great Gig in the Sky, are a fantastic experience of superb sound and state-of-the-art visuals and lighting, and top musicianship to boot with Ricky Stevenson and Jess Upton on vocals, Dan Anderson and Steve Garden on guitars, Laurie Higgins on bass, Rob Paull on keys, Jason White on sax and Chris Page and Tim Wheeler on drums.

They will be recreating the entire Dark Side of the Moon album absolutely live at the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis next Friday, October 14 (Tickets £12 from Lyme Regis Tourist Info on 01297 442138.) If you fancy a quick listen to the band, there’s a link at the online version of this page at

If I was ever in a tribute band, it would have to be called The Prevention. At least then we could say we were better than The Cure.

Moving swiftly on, a couple of weeks ago I featured the marvellous Lupus Festival which is taking place at the King’s Club, King Street, Weymouth, tonight, Saturday and Sunday, October 7, 8 and 9.

After what seems like non-stop work by heroic organisers Stewart and Carol Osborne since last year’s event, the final line-up of bands is as follows:

• Tonight, from 8pm: Ian Sedwell, C Sharp Blues Band and Graham Dee.

• Saturday, from 5pm: The Travelling Talesmen, Devil’s Rejects, Husbands and Knives, The Mike Porter Collective, The Occasional Orchestra, Pressgang and The Dolmen.

• Sunday, from 1pm: Dream Boys?, Daniel Ison, Sloe Jam, Jamie Pinnow, Stuart O’Connor, Skint Imperials, Elijah and Ava Wolf, Garfield’s Birthday, Million Dollar Bash and, finally, The Amy Mayes Band.

Phew. I’ll need a bit of a lie down after that.

An amazing array of talent, I think you’ll agree, all of whom are giving their services free of charge and, what’s more, entry to the King’s Club for the festival is absolutely zilch. Just make sure you buy a few raffle tickets okay?

There are some great prizes on offer and all money raised goes to increase awareness and research funds for the auto-immune disorder SLE Lupus and the associated blood-clotting disorder Hughes Syndrome.

Meanwhile, it’s always a treat when State of Undress are in the area, so don’t miss this rocky, rootsy, fiddlesome fivesome tomorrow night at Tom Brown’s in Dorchester.

As singer Charlie Rose tells me: “The last time we played in Dorchester was for the Sunday Sessions in Dorchester Arts at the beginning of July.

“That was a very stripped down, lovely, intimate gig with our drummer on percussion.

“When we play at Tom Brown’s tomorrow night, we will be in full-on band mode with the proper drum kit so be prepared for a bit of a party by the end of the evening.”

So there you have it. Be prepared for a great night out.

That’s it for this week. I’m off for a bit of quantative easing.

Till next time…