"I went to a place called Boscombe earlier," he began with an airy tone of bafflement.

Frank Skinner was quick to win over the crowd at the BIC last night. His repartee with the audience was sharp from the off, engaging members on the front row and cleverly name-checking the town's new Tardis style police box.

A hilarious and cutting assessment of Boscombe followed (I don't think he'll be visiting again anytime soon without bodyguards) - a theme he managed to expertly weave into his act again and again as the night went on. Skinner's 'Man in a Suit' tour is a look back at the funnyman's own career and an evaluation of his fame.

"I am one of only a few grey haired comedians still at large," he joked. This was one of a number of near-the-knuckle innuendos that prompted some tentative and somewhat scandalised chuckles.

Bad taste is what you expect from Skinner, but he declared he is no longer as filthy as he used to be. Not quite so. Some of his more graphically described observations too disgusting to print here.

Cracks about Oscar Pistorius and Stuart Hall also would have created discomfort for some.

That said, the Room 101 host was polished, relaxed and did provide some belly-laughs. Hardened fans got exactly what they would have expected