RICHARD DIGANCE Corn Exchange, Dorchester

IT is called the Golden Anniversary Tour and is well named as the personable guitar-playing folk performer brings to the show a rich selection of his past career both on stage and as a television personality.

Brilliiantly constructed and wickedly witty songs tell the audience about his 50 years as a composer and performer, his opinions on Brexit, his early family life and his granddad.

Into this rich mixture, the show welcomed a talented and inventive Suffolk folk duo called The Broadside Boys who are on their first national tour.

Their material fits perfectly into the Digance mould as it explores their childhood experiences and their love of their home county in an evening that is crowded with lovely people, amusing incidents and poignant memories of the past. Like Digance, the pair could not resist a sly dig at some political dIsasters, notably the decline of the fishing industry and the price that has been paid by ordinary Suffolk people.

Meanwhile the likeable Digance took the audience into their hearts with his song that named 250 memories from his 50 years as a performer, a varied list that included old TV ads, sundry items of clothing that were once the height of fashion, food and sweets we had forgotten all about and old radio and television shows that we all once knew and loved.

As an evening of memories, it was a show to savour, but the tastiest part of all was to enjoy the rich talent of this clever and funny man, an experience to add to our own 250 memories.